Long-distance curved conveyors, concrete frame conveyors, ripable conveyors, steerable, fixed and linear stackers, etc.

TECHMI designs, manufactures and installs turnkey bulk handling systems. Our solutions meet your technical and economic bulk handling needs by integrating your installation and environmental constraints.

Thanks to our permanent innovations, we design, manufacture and install very specific handling equipment. Our teams support you from the preliminary project to the commissioning of the facilities.

Techmi's know-how in the field of bulk transport by belt conveyors extends to all industrial fields, from the mineral industry to the food industry.

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SPARTACT - Table et Stations tubulaires

Convoyeur double flux
Convoyeur station béton
Passage route - rivière - voie ferrée
Stackers Polaires
stackers fixes
stackers linéaires
Stackers orientables
Trémies de déchargement camion
Trémies de plaine
Trémies de recomposition
Chargement camion
Chargement péniche
Train Loading Conveyors
Déchargement camion
Déchargement train
Elevetor conveyor
Convoyeur flottant
Convoyeur Y
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Quarry overland conveyor

Carrière du Voutré (France)

Mine curve overland conveyor

Borov Dol (North Macedonia)

Ciment biggest conveyor in Europe : 6,2 Km

Vicat Ciment Plant Montalieu - Vercieu (France)

Train Loading Conveyors

Train Loading Station - Carrières du Boulonnais

Convoyeur de mise en stock

Multimodal Hub - EQIOM - Vernou

Train unloading conveying system
Train loading conveying system
Conveyor for motorway construction site
Train Unloader Truck
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Our experts are at your disposal to provide you with solutions tailored to your needs and guarantee reliability, productivity and safety.
We operate in a variety of business sectors: quarries, cement works, glass works, sugar factories, industrial minerals, metallurgy, even ATEX installations.

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