SPAR 7 - Belt alignment

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Optimisation & amélioration

SPAR 7 - Belt Guide

The SPAR 7 is usefull for centering the belt before it comes into contact with the tail pulley, thus misstrack at the unloading point and consequently material falls.

  • The SPAR 7 is made of two Polyspar guides that keep the return belt in a reversed trough configuration.
  • Particularly well-suited to low-speed belts that are difficult to control.
  • No guards required.
  • Very effective under belt feeders
  • Can be installed on retrofits and new installation
  • Can be fitted to all belts from 400 to1200 mm wide.
  • It is recommended that the SPAR 7 not be used for belts with a speed greater than 2 m/s (400 fpm)