SPAR 1 - Nip Angle Protection

SPAR 1 CLIP - Protection des angles rentrant
SPAR 1 CLIP CONTINU EN620 - Protection des angles rentrant - détail
SPAR1 Clip
SPAR1 Indéfini
SPAR1 Extrudé
SPAR1 Clip auge profonde
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SPAR 1 - Nip Angle Protection

The SPAR 1 avoids getting caught between the belt and the roller and is the essential protection adaptable to all belt conveyor rollers.

  • Made out of anti-static polyethylene
  • Designed to perfectly fit the curve of rollers that are 89 mm or 133 mm in diameter
  • Roller lengths from 190 mm to 425 mm Can be used with almost any idler frame or bracket, thanks to its universal mounting brackets
  • Has a very long service life when properly adjusted Available standard for belts from 500mm to 1400mm

Carrying idlers


The 'CLIP' version are made for OEM integrator, there are installed on the idler's plates properly design

SPAR 1 - Extruded

The Extruded version, are design for retrofit installation, for all types of rollers.

SPAR 1 - Ajustable

The adjustable version are made with absorber pieces. They granted a great setting for all angles.

Return rollers

SPAR 1 - Nip point protection

Its exclusively made for return roller, can be provide with with safety basket.

SPAR 1 - Stop fall basket

In additionnal to our nip point protection, a stop fall basket can be fitted to our design. They mosltely protects pedestrian to increase safety.

SPAR 1 Highlights

  • Avoid installation gets clogged
  • Avoid blocking the installations due to the protective grids.
  • Installs in the way of belt's working
  • Improves the visibility without heavy protective cover from the maintenance routine 
  • Perfectly shaped to regular rollers
  • Related to UE norm EN 620 concerning protection around conveyor belt
  • Operator protection from high risk to get injured through the belt moving
  • Fitting to the idler itself
  • Easy to install
  • Higher Lifespan
  • All market rollers are concerned
  • Inspection optimising of rollers statement
  • Volume occupation to protect from nip angles