SPAR AC - Self Track system

SPAR AC - Point de chargement auto-centreur
SPAR AC - Point de chargement auto-centreur - photo
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Optimisation & Amélioration

SPAR AC - Auto-Centreur

Thanks to their innovative design, the swivelling idlers enable the SPAR AC to automatically center the belt under any circumstances.

  • Its swivelling idlers serve as a guide to control the direction of the belt
  • The belt is maintained on its external face by the tracks and is confined by the inside seal plate.
  • When the belt misstrack, it pushing on the tracks; the strain then transferred to the idlers causes the unit to swivel, which puts the belt back on track, no matter its direction.
  • Eliminating the need for manual belt adjustments reduces the risk of accidents
  • The SPAR AC idler is perfect for reversible belt conveyor with low belt speed.